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6 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

In the developing age, with many things being compatible with robotics and digital, old and cliché pool cleaners have started to be replaced by robotic ones.

Brands tried their best and rolled up their sleeves to develop the best models for their users. In line with this context, a list has been created for you to try to examine the 6 best robotic pool cleaners and what their pros and cons ar

1- Aiper HJ1102 Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

The combination of many convenient and advantageous features in the HJ1102 model of the Aiper brand, and the fact that it offers these features at a tremendous cost in the market, makes it superior to many pool cleaners. It has become a product that stands out with its quality and good structure.

It is aimed to give you a review of this product by talking about the power and effect of its filtering, as well as the fact that it is easy to clean, use, and install, along with explaining what advantages it offers by mentioning its light structure.


  • Easy to Use, Assemble, & Clean
  • Lightweight
  • Price-friendly


  • Takes Time to Recharge
  • Fragile Inside Plastic Parts
  • Short-Lasting Battery Life

Easy to Use, Assemble, & Clean: Aiper HJ1102 provides easy use in pool cleaning, does not cause any difficulties in installation, and is a specific product to clean.

Lightweight: Contrary to the fact that many pool cleaning robots have problems with their weight on a surface such as water, the Aiper is relatively light.

We rank this product 1 out of 6!

Aiper HJ1102 Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

This Aiper brand automated pool cleaner can give a good cleaning, and fight and eliminate filth easily, assuring a hygienic pool for you and your household. Supportively, having a superior filtration system, this automatic pool cleaner also improves water circulation and serves as a secondary filter for your pool.

Along with these, Aiper serves as an agile and rapid cleaning product. That is to say, with a movement speed of approximately 16 meters per minute, this clever pool cleaner helps clean all types of filth and junk in your 50-meter pool in about 50 minutes, saving you both effort and time. Speaking of filters and saving effort and time, Aiper HJ1102’s filter is large enough for regular cleaning and captures and holds many types of debris and particles.

Supportively, when it comes into contact with the pool wall, Aiper automatically returns. It will additionally stop functioning and dock autonomously if the battery runs out of energy. When rising out of the pool, the buzzer will sound. It is simple to operate; turn the button OFF to turn off the cleaner.

Still, in addition to its advantages, Aiper is also a product that takes a long time to charge. At the same time, it is a product that runs out of charge in a short time and has disadvantages such as fragile and sensitive internal parts.

2- Paxcess HJ1103 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Paxcess HJ1103, a handy pool cleaner with its powerful engine and large battery mass, has some advantageous features and provides comfort in terms of use. The main features compiled under this review are smart navigation features, easy use, powerful filtering, and a large-capacity battery.


  • Smart Navigation
  • Large Capacity Battery & Simple Charging
  • Easy to Use


  • Heavy to Lift
  • Problematic Cleaning & Filter Tray
  • Takes Time to Fully Charge

Smart Navigation: Paxcess HJ1103 has the pre-installed clever navigation technology giving highly optimal monitoring and coverage for a new area to clean.

Large Capacity Battery & Simple Charging: Paxcess HJ1103 is easy to charge; plug it into any 110V outlet and wait for it to be fully charged.

We rank this product 2 out of 6!

Paxcess HJ1103 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Paxcess HJ1103’s waterproof construction ensures the guarantee covers the unit. In addition, each cordless pool robot cleaner of Paxcess’ comes with power port protection, so the charging port will not rust easily. Turn off the switch and check the charging port for cleanliness and dryness before recharging to avoid corrosion and guarantee a long life for your product.

Speaking of long life, the built-in rechargeable and powered by 5000mAh large capacity battery of Paxcess’ enables the cleaner to produce consistent production up to 60-90 minutes of cordless use to sanitize your pool.

Along with these, this cordless automated pool cleaner has a fine disposable filter tray that traps debris and tiny particles while sanitizing and circulating the water in your pool. Likewise, with its deflection and strong engine, this product can capture and lock in leaves, dust, and debris, leaving your pool water crystal clear.

Notwithstanding, besides the possibilities, it provides to its users, the Paxcess HJ1103 is a hefty product that takes a long time to charge and has a problematic filter.

3- Rock&Rocker HJ3052 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Rock&Rockstar pool cleaner supplies and guarantees promptly purified crystal clear pool water as a brand giving pleasant, uncomplicated solutions to address all home maintenance difficulties, as well as practical and trustworthy items to turn the backyard into a most liveable environment. In this context, it is aimed to show the features offered in the market by examining them in general terms in the list of the 6 best robotic pool cleaners.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Long-lasting Working Performance
  • Durable & Solid Built


  • Not Cordless
  • Problematic Navigation System
  • Poor Quality Filtering

Wall Climbing Function: You can be sure that the bottoms of your pool and the side walls are cleaned thanks to the climbing feature of Rock&Rocker.

Efficient Cleaning: With its powerful engine and robust structure, Rock&Rocker provides superior and effective cleaning performance.

We rank this product 4 out of 6!

Rock&Rocker HJ3052 Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

This pool vacuum cleaner from Rock&Rocker has a tangle-free 50-foot flexible Swivel Cord and can cleanse a swimming pool. Likewise, it’s wide enough that the spinning rope allows you to clean every pool area at your leisure.

The filtering capacities can swiftly filter the pool water and remove dust matter without having to replace the pool water. This saves a lot of water and is the most excellent option for environmental conservation. 

With no fear of falling, provide powerful absorbing and effective wall climbing cleaning. That is to say, it assists you in cleaning the floor, walls, and waterline without difficulty, although others vacuum the floor.

Nevertheless, Rock&Rockstar, which has a poor quality filtering system in addition to being wired and having a complicated navigation system, unlike the wireless products in the list, needs improvements in this regard.

4- Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Your pool will be clean and ready to use in just 2 hours with Dolphin Triton PS. This device delivers the necessities for a pool cleaner, giving users an effective cleaning solution of quality and durability. In light of this evaluation of the 6 best pool cleaners list, it is also stated what this product’s primary strengths and drawbacks are.


  • Easy to Clean & Use
  • Lightweight
  • Good Sucking Performance


  • Problematic Filtering System
  • Short-lasting Working Performance
  • Not Cordless

Easy to Clean & Use: Dolphin Triton PS has an easy-to-clean filter plate and does not require much effort.

Good Sucking Performance: Dolphin Triton PS offers a good suction performance thanks to its powerful motors.

We rank this product 5 out of 6!

Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Dolphin Triton PS is designed to provide professional cleaning. Plus, it is highly maneuverable on vertical walls, allowing for extensive wall and waterline scouring. In addition, dirt and debris are destroyed at any time, thanks to Dolphin’s large filtering capacity.

Supportively, this product is both environmentally friendly and eco-friendly. Besides vacuum and pressure cleaners, Dolphin Triton PS does not need the pool pump or filter to complete its function. It will save you time and energy.

However, like the filtration system’s low performance and insufficient operation, Dolphin, which also has a cable structure, has a short-term working capacity.

5- Polaris NEO Robotic Pool Cleaner

This review aimed to analyze the weaknesses of Polaris NEO, which is on the list of 6 best pool cleaners, and what advantages it offers. In this direction, it was determined that Polaris is mainly easy to clean, has good suction power, and is strongly built in detail.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Good Suction Power
  • Strongly Built


  • Too Heavy to Handle
  • Small Size
  • Not Cordless

Good Suction Power: Supported by its powerful motors, Polaris NEO offers a powerful and effective suction performance to purify your pool water.

Strongly Built: Being built in a solid and durable structure, Polaris NEO is a durable and long-lasting product for breakage or damage.

We rank this product 6 out of 6!

Polaris NEO Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Polaris NEO cleaner effortlessly directs different pool surfaces, climbs walls, and scrapes to the tile line for thorough cleaning. Moreover, it is suitable for in-ground swimming pools up to 40 feet in length.

Moreover, Polaris NEO’s Cyclonic Vacuum Technology catches trash without losing pressure, and the Push’N’Go Filter Canister guarantees you never have to handle the debris again. That is to say; this simple procedure enables you easily and swiftly accesses the garbage for removal.

Still, Polaris NEO, which is very difficult to remove from the pool with its heavy mass, also has a small size and a wired structure.

6- Ofuzzi Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Ofuzzi, which provides convenience and practicality to its users in this context and ensures the cleanliness of every corner of your pool, has been evaluated and analyzed under this review. Its position in the list has been shaped by mentioning its shortcomings and main features, such as being lightweight and easy to use and a product with long runtime.


  • Lightweight & Quick Water Release
  • Easy to Use & Clean with Its Cordless Structure
  • Long Runtime


  • Problematic Charging
  • Sometimes It Stucks
  • No Brush Feature

Cordless & Safe: Ofuzzi’s design is cordless and water resistant; thus, it does the work without twisted cables, corrosion, or water in the engine, making it both secure and efficient.

Extended Runtime: Ofuzzi cleans your pool within 2 hours, giving the most efficient and convenient sanitizing.

We rank this product 3 out of 6!

Ofuzzi Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Ofuzzi can clean thoroughly with two strong motors, reducing time and effort. Furthermore, due to its cordless and waterproof construction, it works effectively by eliminating the concerns about tangled and harmful cables and motors in the water.

Furthermore, Ofuzzi comes to a halt near the pool wall when its power runs out when the cleaning phase is finished. Thanks to its small weight, you may effortlessly draw the product with the hovering grip to the top. Plus, it cleans and does its duty in around 2 hours by suiting all pools of all forms.

However, Ofuzzi also has a brushless feature, which causes problems for its users in charging, as well as causing jamming problems under the pool from time to time.

Questions about 6 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Q: Are all the products on the listed wireless?

A: No. Only 3 products are wireless, Aiper, Paxcess, and Ofuzzi.

Q: Is a wired cleaner better than a cordless cleaner?

A: In terms of safety and practicality, wireless pool cleaners provide much better performance.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, in this review, which we examined under the title of 6 best pool cleaners, we decided to give the top place on the list to Aiper. It has become our favorite product with the best performance, meeting this performance at a very affordable price.

In addition, we would like to point out that Paxcess, which is in the second place, and Ofuzzi, which we want to honor as cordless, in other words, much safer products, just like the first product, are two products that perform very well and are very useful.

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